What's different about the new forum?

- We've been keeping a keen ear on your suggestions and bug reports, therefore many changes have been made to the new forum (which is still in beta), such as:
- The default theme for the forum is now in dark mode.
- Staff, Youtuber and Extreme ranked members no longer have tags next to their name. A departure from repeating tags.
- Staff, Youtuber and Extreme ranked members now have colored borders based on their respective role.
- New rank images.
- New homepage.
- New emoticons.
- Addition of new rank -"retired" for resigned moderators/staff.
- New board - "Appeal Discord bans" where registered members can appeal their bans here.
- Multiple niche boards have been combined (such as Luxor QFTA and Luxor 3) - Denied and accepted applications now go directly to the archive.
- Discord tag profile field to ensure that people can find you on Discord too. (found in Personal settings)
- Removed the Gem system and Cookies (though Cookies might make a return somewhere down the line)
- Moderator age minimum is now 13.
- You can now swear (to an extent) on the new forums.

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Welcome to Sphere Matchers!
The #1 marble popper fan and modding community!
Discussions, mods and much more!
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Explore and play the first official Zuma SM mod, based on the Zuma Deluxe engine!
A mod by the community, arranged by CrushyGreenRen

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Sphere Matchers is an online community of gamers most particularly interested in marble poppers (sphere matching games) such as Luxor, Zuma, Zaz, Atlantis etc. (Which can also be seen by the amount of modifications we produce).



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Jackphonics123: sup guys Mar 22, 2021 0:51:03 GMT
flarecultist: a Apr 7, 2021 9:23:53 GMT
dillon: Bobik No Apr 25, 2021 18:53:44 GMT
dillon: Leave Him Alone Apr 25, 2021 18:55:00 GMT
hinether: stop reading this, go to the Discord Server May 13, 2021 22:32:08 GMT
hinether: NOW May 13, 2021 22:32:10 GMT
DeathKnight: Why are you still here? Go the the new forum or discord now! Jun 30, 2021 9:57:29 GMT
flarecultist: nah I don't feel like it Jul 26, 2021 20:41:50 GMT
dillon: SHUT UP Nov 8, 2021 16:31:13 GMT
dillon: Creatures Attack Nov 8, 2021 16:32:34 GMT
Seigneur Des Dragons852: sussy baka sus twerk on the imposter! The impostor is sus 1!1! Mar 5, 2022 20:11:21 GMT
Jackphonics123: ... May 27, 2022 23:08:47 GMT
CHO: :> Jun 6, 2022 20:08:53 GMT
Seigneur Des Dragons852: It's sus time Nov 7, 2022 0:31:54 GMT
Seigneur Des Dragons852: (caruso) Nov 7, 2022 0:31:59 GMT
Seigneur Des Dragons852: cum Jun 17, 2023 0:35:12 GMT
nahman48: oops Aug 9, 2023 9:53:45 GMT *
nahman48: This is the only place I can find where I can still talk to anyone from community Aug 9, 2023 9:54:20 GMT
gertrude: December 12, 2023 marks the 20th Anniversary of Zuma Deluxe! Congratulations to one of the greatest childhood classics of all time! (zuma) (zuma) (zuma) (barrelroll) (barrelroll) (barrelroll) Dec 12, 2023 6:47:43 GMT
剣と盾: new invite link Dec 26, 2023 15:25:27 GMT
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